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important Italian farms

Confidence, competence
and reliability

Opportunities for Italian
sustainable projects


Customer satisfaction is our great success.

We will take care about your interests with confidence, competence and reliability. Our duty is to serve you with the outmost courtesy from first contact to final practice. Intermediazioni e Consulenze was born as ADVISOR of the most important Italian farms.
Today we can also offer important properties such as vineyard, Italian historical villas, prestigious Palaces of italian aristocracy, extra luxury hotels, shopping malls and core business centres in the main Italian cities. We are able to suggest profitable solutions for important investments. Efficiency and performance for real estate portfolio.
Italy has 3 main peculiarities that make it unique in the world: the culture, the beauty of art, and heritage the real engine of future growth. For international investors, we offer opportunities for Italian trusted and sustainable projects. We connect investors with property owners.

Intermediazioni e Consulenze offers to potential investors a wide range of tailor-made services. Confidential support in strategic business.
Furthermore we can offer a professional network of esteemed professionists of the highest competence: preliminary information, reporting, settlement assistance, post-settlement support.
We provide to investors with information necessary to anticipate market opportunities, taking the best opportunities. Acquisitions and sales.



Luxury hotels located in the most important Italian cities.

Target: 4-5 star superior
Target Price: from 50 up to 300 mln euro


We are in the field of agriculture from generations so as we can suggest to our customers the best Italian farms.

Size: from 50 up to 1.500 ha
Target Price: from 5 up to 100 mln euro


The most prestigious Italian vineyards.

Villas and historical palaces

The most beautiful Italian palaces and villas.

Italian companies

Made in Italy. The most important italian companies of food.

Shopping centres

Shopping malls, retail assets. Location in the most important cities of Italy. Wide gravitation context.
Primary tenants.

Primary offices

Location: main Italian cities.
Tenants of primary level.
Business buildings.


High profitability guaranteed.


Biogas plants.

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